Animal Dipstick Game


About this ‘Animal Shout Out Game For Kids’:
Perfect for little explorers or budding zoologist - grab your adventurer’s hat and test your general knowledge as you compete against your friends in this shout out animal trivia game. A fun and compact game for kids to play after school, to take on vacation as a travel game or to entertain when the rain has put a halt to exploring your favourite outdoor space.

Each game contains 80 double sided sticks

Recommended for ages 5+. Suitable for 2+ players

How to play this ‘Animal Shout Out Game For Kids’:
Search in every corner of your brain as you go head to head in this shout out dipstick game. Dip in, pull out a question stick and read out to the other players - can you name a blue animal or a species of fish? Be the first to shout out a correct animal to win the stick; the player with the most sticks at the end of the game wins!

Who to play this ‘Animal Shout Out Game For Kids with’:
If you can’t find Dora or some other explorer to play with, you may just have to settle for some friends and family to shout and laugh all night long with.

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