Fishy Go Fish Card Game


About this 'Go Fish Game for Kids':
After a busy day at school, entertain your pod of mermaids and mermen with this Go Fish cards game for kids. A fun and educational way to learn about the creatures in the big blue ocean - this game comes with a fishy fact file to learn not only about the different fish species but how we can protect them. Part of our 'School of Fish' games range, both product and packaging are plastic free with a percentage of all sales being donated to the fish friendly charity Ocean Generation.

Contents: 1x Instructions Sheet, 1x Fishy Fact File and 40x Fish Cards

Recommended for ages 3+ and 2-6 players

How to play this 'Go Fish Game for Kids':
Ready, set, fish! An spin on the classic card game Go Fish, be the first to collect the most fishy families by competing against the other players. Take turns asking another player for a fish of your choice e.g. "do you have any starfish?" - if they do you get to steal these cards from them, if they don't, you’ll be advised to 'go fish' and pick up a card from the stack in the centre. Collect 4 cards of the same fish species to complete the family. Once all the fish families have been collected together, the player with the most swims away as the winner.

Who to play this 'Go Fish Game for Kids' with:
If you can’t find any mermaids or mermen to play with, a good alternative is with friends and family. A great game to take on vacation, car journeys or to play on family game night.

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Plastic Free

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The paper in this packaging is FSC approved, coming from sustainably managed forests.

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