Boho Pink Outdoor Solar Lanterns - 2 Pack


About these 'Pink Outdoor Solar Lanterns’:
Hang these lace-like, dusky pink lanterns up in your garden or patio to illuminate a summer dinner party or barbeque. In winter, use them to light up your favourite garden seat and gaze up at the stars with a cozy cup of hot chocolate. By day, a beautiful outdoor decoration reminiscent of Chinese paper lanterns; by night a warm light source that’s perfect for setting a mood with no need to change batteries or plug into a wall. A cut-out design means that you’ll be admiring the light as it casts paisley-shaped patterns across your lawn or tiles. Our outdoor solar lanterns also come in navy or teal blue colours.

Pack size: 2x Outdoor LED solar lanterns

Lantern Size: 8" x 8" (round shape)

Battery Type: 2x 1.sV AA300mAh Ni-MH battery

How to use these 'Pink Outdoor Solar Lanterns’:
Be sure to hang your lanterns in a bright sunny spot to allow maximum charge time. Switch on your lantern at the top of the solar panel caps and let the rays soak in. When charged, the lanterns will turn on automatically as it gets dark and turn off when the sky brightens again. Bring inside on rainy days and reuse for years to come.

Why we love these 'Pink Outdoor Solar Lanterns’:
Have that boho camping vibe all year long outside or inside. They can light up any space and make the area super quirky. Hang them as a welcoming nightlight in your window or as a source of comfort in a child’s bedroom. Experiment with stringing several up in a row for party decorations - in an arch or hanging above a door. Use them to create the same effect as candlelight, minus the safety hazard.

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