Boho Pink Glass Candle Holder, Sml


About this ‘Small Pink Glass Candle Holder’:
No room loves candlelight more than a bathroom. Create a homemade spa by placing tealights in your glass candle around your bath or shower and allow the flickering flames reflected in the tiles to soothe your mind. Because candle holders aren't just for the dinning room. Delicate and refined, our small pink glass candle holder might be just the touch of color you need for your romantic meal or wedding celebration. Place a few at intervals down the centre of your dining table or around the room at varying heights to create different levels of light. A versatile design; this colourful piece can hold dinner candles or tealights and even serve as a bud vase depending on which way up you have it.

Candle Holder Size: 3" high. Holds 1" candle depth and width or a standard tealight

Why we love this ‘Small Pink Glass Candle Holder’:
Use throughout the year for any number of occasions including all your romantic candlelit meals, dinner parties, afternoon teas, Sunday lunches and even weddings. These beauties make especially good Valentine's day table décor. There’s nothing like warm candlelight for mood setting, and pairing it with colored glass only deepens the ambience you choose. The versatility of our small glass candle holders means you can tailor the feel of your chosen occasion that little bit further.

How to style this ‘Small Pink Glass Candle Holder’:
Our small glass candle holders look fantastic with our strong colored candles. The pink and orange candles work especially well with the pink glass candle holder as it creates that bright summer party feeling. In the small candlestick holders range they also come in green, yellow and orange. Jazz up your table by using all the colors together or keep your table décor clean and simple by using only one color.

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