Our Eco Journey

Our Eco Journey

Eco Friendly Cups

Get involved in Saving the Planet – Switch all your cups to genuinely recyclable paper cups.

Saving the planet should be easy, so why is recycling so confusing?

Did you know that the plastic or wax coatings used in most “paper” cups means that they cannot be recycled and are always going to end up in landfill? Well Talking Tables’ new, home recyclable Eco Cups are different - No plastic. No wax.

We are proud to have developed the first ever fully disposable paper cup that you can put straight into your recycling bin at home along with all those other paper and card items.

Our Eco Cups are available in three sizes up to 450ml and come in a whole range of fun designs printed in water-based inks.

But wait, there’s more! Talking Tables are committed to sustainable practices and protecting the environment. From plastic boxes to paper sleeves, we are eliminating any unnecessary plastic from our products and packaging; so you can enjoy a planet friendly celebration whatever the occasion.

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