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Rose Gold Birthday Decorations

Planning a birthday party? If there’s one trend guaranteed to perfect your celebrations, it’s rose gold. Over the past few years, rose gold has grown in popularity, making its way into homeware, fashion and even the automobile industry.

But, did you know that rose gold was first popularised during the 19th century? Despite all the hype around rose gold, it does also have an indefinable quality; is it gold, or is it rose? We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about rose gold and why rose gold birthday decorations should be your next choice when planning for a celebration.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold, also known as “pink gold”, refers to all red, rose and pink gold shades. As a metal, gold is combined with copper - the secret recipe that creates its iconic rosy hue.

It’s a versatile colour, with a range of different shades. For example, the ratio of copper to gold determines how soft pink or deep red the tones in rose gold are. Silver can even be mixed to help lighten the colour of the copper, meaning anyone can find their perfect shade of rose gold without having to look too far.

Why is rose gold so popular?

It was in Russia during the 19th century that rose gold was first popularised, after making its first appearance in jewellery. The demand for rose gold then spread its way across Europe and became a defining quality of Victorian era jewellery. Still around even in the roaring 1920’s, Cartier releasing their Trinity Ring with a rose gold band, and rose gold was once again a mainstream fashion trend.

Rose gold is the colour trend that won’t go away – and shows no signs of stopping! In 2013, the copper trend paved the way for rose gold to become even more mainstream, as more designers incorporated the shade into their collections. But, the release of the Apple iPhone 6s in rose gold is what helped to prolong its popularity. With celebrities like Selena Gomez and Jamie Foxx starring in advertisements for Apple, the rose gold trend was propelled even further into high end fashion. This created a frenzy for rose gold tech and, ever since, tech shops and high street retailers alike have served up their own rose gold gadgets.

Not only that, but rose gold was voted “colour of the year” by Pantone in 2016, making it pretty hard to ignore its influence. Dubbed “Rose Quartz”, this rose gold shade accompanied the colour “Serenity” to be Pantone’s colour of the year, allowing rose gold to spread even further into homeware and interior décor. 

Why choose rose gold birthday decorations?

When it comes to rose gold, it’s versatile enough for everyone. Its flexibility to suit different fashion trends means it can be paired with many other different colours and complement different patterns, which also contributes to its mainstream presence. So, no matter what your style, it’s guaranteed that rose gold decorations will complement your overall birthday décor.

With no signs of the rose gold trend slowing down, choosing rose gold birthday decorations is a no-brainer. Not only will you be bang on trend, your birthday event will provide some great Insta snaps too. The beauty of it all is that rose gold is timeless. 

When you’re throwing a birthday celebration, you want everyone to feel warm, welcome, glamorous, and a little bit inspired by what you’ve created – and rose gold does exactly that. Rose gold has the same effect on almost everyone. When you see rose gold, warmth, romance and elegance spring to mind. The colour strikes the balance between modern and classic, giving your party a luxurious and sophisticated feel, simultaneously. Why wouldn’t you choose rose gold birthday decorations for your next birthday bash?

What rose gold decorations should I look out for?

First things first, choose your essentials. There are so many rose gold birthday decorations you can choose from, so it might be easy to forget the small stuff like paper plates. Once that’s out of the way, you can go to town on the rose gold décor!

Your rose gold décor might even depend on another theme. If you’re looking to throw a nod to the 1920s, go all out with rose gold confetti and streamers. For extra authenticity, add beads and feathers to any vases or flower decorations

Throwing your party outdoors? Give your guests a warm welcome by decorating pathways with fairy lights that resonate with a rose gold hue, and create your own rose gold wayfinding system to direct guests around the party.

If you’re planning on a buffet at your party, this is where the essentials come in. Stock up on rose gold plates, napkins and cups that guests can use, keeping the colour scheme consistent throughout. More of a sit-down meal? If you’re feeling extra fancy, invest in rose gold cutlery and crockery for a really luxurious feel. Go the extra mile and serve pink drinks such as rosé wine, pink gin or pink lemonade to tie in with the rose gold theme.

For surfaces, keep things simple with a white cloth and adorn it with rose gold foil confetti. Add extra details with rosy flowers or petals and rose gold candles. To tie your setting together, get rose gold birthday banners and bunting to hang on your walls.

Oh, and remember the cake! Top it all off with rose gold candles for your special day. 

Where should a rose gold themed party take place?

Rose gold birthday decorations will look good in any setting, so whether your party is indoors or outdoors, in the home or at a venue, it’s a safe bet. Depending on the location you choose, your décor may be limited by space. However, that doesn’t mean to say it won’t still have an incredible impact!

The time of year also doesn’t limit rose gold, as it’s a colour that can work all year round. Whether it’s summer or winter, rose gold décor will complement any season. 

Tis the season to be rose gold

Birthday décor doesn’t have to be sacrificed for Christmas decorations. In fact, they go hand in hand. With homes decorated with tree lights and glitter, rose gold birthday decorations will look even more glamorous than usual!

Of course, with the demand for rose gold, there will also be plenty of rose gold décor available during the festive months. Use rose gold tinsel to add extra sparkle to your birthday celebrations. You could even buy rose gold baubles to make features for your surfaces.

To really add a sparkle, silvery or golden sparkly Christmas decorations really make your rose gold decorations pop.

A rosy summer

After the heatwave of summer 2018, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to plan a birthday celebration outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to catch the glorious sunshine this summer, enjoy your birthday with your rose gold decorations reflecting in the sunlight, giving the ultimate party and glitzy feel.

Make sure to take advantage of spring and summer flowers to decorate your location with a host of rosy and pink petals. You could even get crafty and make your own flower wall, creating a photo area for guests.

Turn your garden into a rose gold haven for your guests and use tepees decorated with rose gold accessories for a cosy feel. For any evening parties, hang fairy lights from your trees and add candles to create a warm feel – perfect for any summer evening.

Can I make rose gold birthday decorations?

100%! If you’re looking to get crafty, check out Pinterest and other websites for inspiration on DIY rose gold décor. This is a great way to add your own personal style and use textures and designs that most appeal to you.

Get creative with rose gold ribbons and foil to make your own wall ornaments and banners. Create your own confetti string by shredding rose gold paper or foil to decorate your wall.

You could create streamers and bunting from any rose gold paper or card. Any old rose gold clothes or fabrics you don’t need? Turn them into table decorations for your rose gold celebration. You could even use supplies that will complement your rose gold decorations. Silver and gold fabrics work well with rose gold and can be used to accessorise your birthday decorations.

If you’re a bit of a baker, why not try baking a rose gold cake? Use any sparkles to decorate and finish off with pink icing. Alternatively, look out for little rose gold cupcake holders that can be used for cakes. 

For any floral decorations, why not use flowers from your own garden to create a natural feel? Choose flowers with white or pink petals that can be used as table decorations or ornaments to spruce up the decorations.

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