Get The Table Talking: Truly Scrumptious with Cathy Graham

I was so fortunate to spend a late January afternoon on Upper East side, New York with my lovely friend Cathy Graham.

We created a whimsical table of florals alongside our Truly Scrumptious tea party pieces.

And what fun we had.

tea party truly scrumptious by talking tables

Cathy had been to the market and discovered all sorts of gorgeous flowers: muscari, fritillaria; lily of the valley; vivid pansies; winding clematis; bulging peonies; upright tulips; gentle poppies to name a few. The tones were perfectly complimentary to our Truly Scrumptious tea party range. Heavenly!

tea party with truly scrumptious by talking tables

Cathy had created masses of tiny bud vase arrangements which took your breath away with their singular stature, but gentle massed effect. In addition she had created some lovely larger table arrangements.

 truly scrumptious tea party by cathy graham as featured on talking tables blog

Cathy had brought some of her 1950’s dolls and mini debutante girls to our imaginary tea party. One thing led to another and soon we were dressing these fine ladies in Truly Scrumptious napkins and didn’t they look just ready to take New York fashion by storm. Truly Fashionable ladies!!

truly scrumptious dolls by cathy graham as featured on talking tables blog

The afternoon showed how laying a table can let the imagination and creative self have fun. With Cathy’s whimsical additions and stunning flowers, the guests are sure to talk and talk.

cathy graham table setting with truly scrumptious by talking tables

Thank you so much to Cathy for letting me have fun with you in your home. Thank you for your generosity with the flowers and your time.

Discover more of Cathy's inspiring work here!

Shop the products we used here:

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truly scrumptious cocktail napkin by talking tables featured on talking tables blog        floral table runner by talking tables as featured on talking tables blog truly scrumptious floral platter by talking tables as featured on talking tables blog

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